Napa Cabbage ft. Trezo – Sorry

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It was all fast heartbeats and goo-goo eyes in the beginning, but now you’re left with that sinking feeling that you’re all alone again. Some people brood and get stuck pressing replay on all those old memories, reliving what went wrong. (Sorry, but you can’t go back.) Others reach deep down for their survivor spirit. What will you do? “Sorry” is a high-spirited, pick-me-up song after a breakup coming from Napa Cabbage, the Canadian based electronic dance music DJs and producers who are combining Asian pop with North American and European Dance music. Have fun listening and go get your inspiration!

In this emotionally raw song with Trezo, the Duo Electronic group describes a man who has faced personal demons in his past and has come to realize that his life is passing him by in his current relationship. He has packed up his belongings and is leaving town, hoping to find forgiveness down the road. “Sorry” is a story of heartbreak, betrayal and moving on without looking back. This song is produced in a fresh new style merging Western EDM with Chinese Vocals.