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EMD is a fast-growing trend in the global music industry, not only because of its brisk melody, but because of the possible change of this music is huge, it always gives the audiences a fresh feeling whenever they hear it. Music lovers are obsessed with this new trend of music style.  Local DJ duo TNL are both obsessed with this style of music, it was what brought the two together, and they even took a step further and made it their career.

Apart from their music, their charisma and beauty has always gotten a lot of attention from people. Girl DJ’s are not typical in the DJ industry, and this line of work has always been a male-oriented field. It is not easy for them to earn a place in the industry. Yet, TNL strives to create better music, trying to gain people’s attention to their music.

Q:  Why have the both of you created this Girls Group?

Troyi said she hoped this new group could bring out some unique chemistry, and she thought having a partner to work with in foreign countries will be cool. At first Lokyii was expecting to do some travelling show with this group, instead they did some excellent performances in the music industry.

Q: How long have you guys been in the DJ industry, and why did you want to become a DJ?

Troyi said she had studied music back in Australia. And when she had the chance to know more about gramophone record, she fell in love with it. And eventually, she got into the DJ industry. But Lokyii became a DJ  after she ended her contract with a model company. And she wanted to try something new, and now she already has more than two years of DJ experience.

Q: How would you describe the style of your music?

Troyi and Lokyii agree that EDM is the leading trend right now.  Troyi thinks EMD is impressive that it can provide the audiences with a lot of feeling in a straightforward set, such as exciting and joyful. But Lokyii always tries to add something light to the music and hoping to bring something new to the audiences. We can see that they are working their best to bring some excellent music to the viewers.

Q: You have been to a lot of countries to perform, which is your favorite one?

Troyi said to perform in England is the best, because after the show she can have the chance to do some shopping there. But Lokyii noted Noumea is the best place to perform, although it is just a small island country, she was attracted by the beautiful scenery there.

Q: Any special experience during a performance.

Troyi said there was one time that right before the show, they found out the CDJ was not working which it was all right during the Sound Check. But luckily, it didn’t affect the play. Also, the music culture back in China left Lokyii feeling confused because the audiences are so calm during the show, which was completely different to their past experiences.

 Q: What do you wish to change in Hong Kong’s music industry?

They said until now in Hong Kong DJ is not a very common career in Hong Kong, people here don’t know much about it. They hope more people will show their respect and support to the local DJs. And hoping in one day, Hong Kong DJ can earn a place in the global market.

Q: Do you have any expectations on TNL?

They hope to have more attention among the Asia countries and make it into the Top 100 DJ list.

Q: You guys are nominated as Asia’s Top 10 sexy DJs, any thought on that?

Troyi said they are thrilled they can make it into the list, and they wish more people can put the attention on their music.

Q: Will you worry that people put too much attention on your appearances but not your music?

Troyi said they are not very worried about that, and she thinks as people notice them because of their appearances, they will also see the music that they produce.

Q: Any exciting plans in 2018?

Troyi said they would put more effort and time in producing more music to the audiences. And Lokyii also said she would start branching out more in her career, and she will appear in movies and TV Shows in the coming year. And she wants to show the audience more about her.