【On The Decks】Max Styler

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New addition to the Dim Mak label, Max Styler has been sweeping the EDM scene, having recently joined Steve Aoki on his North American Neon Future bus tour, he is heading towards the bright lights of centre stage in the industry. BOOM had a chance to talk to Max to see what goes on in the minds of this music genius!

What gave you the idea of inviting other artists remixing your acclaimed LP Heartache?

For Heartache I really wanted to focus on making the album chill and taken away from the banger hype structure of EDM. It was more about music you can drive to than head-bang to. Although after the album was finished, I got some friends of mine to remix their favorite songs on the album. I really loved what all of them were doing as artists and wanted to hear their interpretation of the Heartache LP.

How did you get your inspiration from creating this LP or other tracks that you’ve released?

Honestly, I sit down at my computer all day and write music. I’m not sure where the inspiration comes always but If I put my head down and focus on starting with a solid melody that I like, then the rest of the song builds out from there.

How do you feel releasing your debut LP on Dim Mak?

I was really pumped to get that music out and stoked that I had the backing from Dim Mak to help me push it. They backed the album very hard and I’m very grateful they believe in my music as much as they do.

How would you describe your own style, how is it different to the others?

I like to try paint a picture with my music. My goal with my music is to transport someone while listening to a certain place in time or a certain experience they had during their life. Life is all about the experiences you have and music should make you feel or see those experiences.

Starting your career in music at such young age, do you feel that the industry needs some fresh new sounds?

Honestly right now I feel like electronic music is in such a cool place. Their are so many young new producers coming up that are making awesome music. I’m definitely exited for the future of music.

Are there any DJ’s that have shaped your views on music?

Definitely. When I first started out producing back in my freshman year of highschool my idols were Porter Robinson, Kill The Noise, Skrillex, Jack Beats, Mat Zo, The M Machine…the list goes on and on.

What are some of your favourite festivals to play in?

I’ve only played two festivals actually. If I were to pick one I’d say Tomorrowland takes the cake.

Would you feel pressure in the audience for you upcoming releases and creations?

Playing new music for the first time in front of a big crowd is always exciting to me. Of course their is pressure, all you can do is hope that they will like it as much as you do.

What are some of your future plans? And what do you want to say to your fans in Hong Kong?

I’m sitting of a lot of music right now. I will probably be releasing a couple EPs worth of music this year. I’m working on a Hip Hop EP with my dude Bok Nero right now as well as a follow up EP to Heartache. They’re both coming along well and should be finished here pretty soon. Hong Kong I can’t wait to come and play a show in your city! It’s long overdue.