The Controversial New Song of PG ONE being Banned on Different Platforms!

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PG ONE and GAI both are the winners of “The Rap of China” show after the competition people think they are the rising stars of the China Hip-Hop industry. However, as time goes by their situation are so different right now.

GAI is not only a good rapper but also started to show people his excellent voice and continue to appear in different singing contests. And people began to put more attention to his work. However, PG ONE continues to be surrounded by the gossipy incident and that seriously affect his public image.

PG ONE’s new song “Christmas Eve” is all about drugs and humiliate women. And after the release of the new song, different parties, and people continue to show their anger and discontent with this song. People think it will have the bad influences to the young people and the idea is not correct in the society.

Despite PG ONE’s apologies for his mistake regarding on this song. However, foreign presses think he is trying to push away the responsibility by saying that because he is influenced by the ‘Early Rap Culture of the Black people.’ And foreign presses think this action is entirely a discrimination statement to the Black people.

Although being a Rapper own’s attitude and the image is extremely important. That doesn’t mean they have the right to do something that had crossed the borderline and affect others. And right now PG ONE should take full responsibility for his action on this incident.