Pop and EDM Merged! Right-O Releases Debut Single ‘First Time’

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Former Australian duo Right-O has come solo at the helm. Since the change of member in July, Anthony Agostino has kept his passion for the industry and his all-encompassing eminence of a bedroom producer / DJ. His fierce effort is now paid off with Right-O first single ‘First Time’ in 2018, released last Friday. The track shares the former duo’s music roots in underground club music, featuring a mixture of pop and dance music, R&B elements infused for an upbeat thundering club song in this cold February. ‘First Time’ is a track that comes to our rescue for a late-night escape of pressure.  

Though his music is in general dance music fused with pop, Melbourne-based Right O pushes the creative boundaries of dance music with each song, exploring an ever-widening original territory that embraces different genres, styles and techniques. Inspired to enliven music and keep people moving, Agostino is propelled to continue 2018 for producing more uplifting, powerful and enthusiastic music that hums not only in dancefloors, but music scenes across the globe.

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