【REWIND】 Creamfields Hong Kong 2017

Creamfields Hong Kong 2017 debuted last December and from what we’ve heard it was quite a win with the party crowds in the city, part of the tickets were sold out hours since it was announced online. This is not the only proof that this year’s event was a success, Creamfields immediately released Blind Bird Tickets right after the show ended, and even that has been sold out already!

Since the feedback from the public is a win, how does BOOM feel about the first ever Creamfields?  Does it live up to its name, has the Hong Kong stop fully embodied the festival’s aesthetics?

LINEUP ★★★★☆

The music has been non-stop for two days and some of the honorable mentions have to be given to various DJs and performers that gave their 200% energy in entertaining the crowds at Asia-World Expo. Each DJ was given an hour time to perform, so there’s never a rushed moment, and you’re guaranteed to never miss a complete act even if you want to pop to buy a drink or go to the toilets. What amazes us is that even though they have been touring all over the world, performing non-stop, their sets still let-off a fresh, new twist to it, I believe everyone agrees when I say that there was no dull moment.

Marshemello on stage at Creamfields Hong Kong 2017


BOOM’s experience with Creamfields Hong Kong 2017 has been rather pleasant, yet one of the prominent problems that we have with the venue choice is that it’s far away and transportation is very pricey. Asia-World Expo is one of the bigger venues that allow large capacity of fans to gather around, yet the indoor vibes of the venue simply feels like a magnified version of a nightclub. Since, Creamfields was known for its outdoor venues and to rave in an urban oasis, we wish that the Hong Kong stop could also replicate something in that nature, to fully experience the Creamfields aesthetic.  

Galantis on stage at Creamfields Hong Kong 2017

FOOD ★★☆☆☆

It’s more drinks than food at this event, which was expected since it’s a party event and alcohol plays a big part. However, the price again seems to have skyrocketed and leaves you no choice since the venue is so secluded, and of course they check your bag when you go in.

On a side note, the wristbands/ payment device that every festival seem to take pride in, resulted in a wave of worrisome comments from the community on Facebook, seemingly the only social media path to reach out to the team, expressing their difficulties in getting their refunds.

Galantis on stage at Creamfields Hong Kong 2017


When you search online, there’s not much media coverage on the event, as a matter of fact, we couldn’t really find any reviews online, to truly know how other people thought of it. So to newcomers who might have missed their debut last year, the decision to join in 2018 is all based on their own instinct. Which amazes us how Creamfields haven’t taken advantage on the media’s influence for their event, the lack of reports and minimal mentions on the internet, makes us question whether or not Creamfields Hong Kong is wishing to receive true feedback or is wishing to live under the spotlight that it’s UK predecessor has created for it.  

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆

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