【REWIND】Katy Perry WITNESS: The Tour 2018 Hong Kong

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After several years apart, the American pop diva Katy Perry had returned to Hong Kong for an impeccable music concert. Last Saturday night, Katy’s charisma attracted a massive crowd in Asia-World Expo, gathering for the grand return of this pop singer. It turns out their wait is well worth it.

Katy stroke to bring forward the most impressive, fascinating music and dances, taking our heart with her along with the music roller coaster ride. Needless to say, the audience went relentless about the music and the vibe she created. What more can we ask for? Katy even learned to speak Cantonese, inviting one of the lucky fans to abroad the stage and speaking in Cantonese along with all the excited, surprised audience in the Expo.

The vigorous atmosphere peaked when Katy led the whole audience to join her dancing, everyone shouting lyrics happily, humming melody as they moved and twist their body following Katy’s direction.

This WITNESS: The Tour 2018 of Katy Perry is indeed a huge success, allowing fans to enjoy the flourishing vibes of the tour, experiencing music at the warmest heart.

Let’s hope Katy’ll be back to Hong Kong soon!

30 March | Katy Perry to Tour Hong Kong for WITNESS: The Tour

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