【REWIND】The xx ‘I See You 2018 Asia Tour’ in Hong Kong

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The xx Asia Tour has closed its veil for the grand stage in Hong Kong. On 1st February, the fans gathered in Asia Expo for the indie band, enchanting and singing along as the British band brought up the vibe with their new album.

This marked the second time The xx performs a live concert in Hong Kong, since their debut show in 2013.  From The xx’s second album “Coexist”, which they toured in Hong Kong almost 5 years ago, to “I See You”, there’re quite a lot changes, which the indie band will reveal in their interview with us.

With this Hong Kong tour, The xx brought local fans a blasting night with ‘indie electronic’ and ‘dream pop’ that blew the audience head away! Their main element in songs is electronic; it is often difficult to create a live performance that’s not like straight from CD, yet they strike to create a live-act that hypes up audience. And this tour delivered an energetic atmosphere that surely amazed Hong Kong fans.

The indie band expressed their affection and gratitude to Asian fans during concert. With this passion and zest at heart, they brought the house down on 1st February with their 13 tracks brightly and zealously delivered.

We had a chance to talk to the xx about this tour, their music inspiration and their feelings to Hong Kong.

Q: The concert in February 2018 will be the second time The xx perform in Hong Kong (since your first concert in 2013). Can you describe the impression of the city Hong Kong for you?

Hong Kong seems like the melting pot in the centre of Asia.  A really vibrant place, where you can find anything and everything.

Q: When you last played in Hong Kong, in 2013, you had just released your second album. What’s the evolution from Coexist to I See You?

I think in I See You we were able to branch out a bit more creatively from the parameters we set ourselves in the first two albums. Our relationships have developed and got deeper as we know and love each other more.

Q: What are your thoughts on playing in Asia? 

‘We love playing in Asia – we’ve always had such an incredible welcome from the fans – each time has been very special.’

Q: How does “I See You” differ from other previous ones? what is concept of “I See You”? 

After the first two albums, we spent some time in different parts of the world and allowed ourselves to branch out a bit musically. It definitely had an influence on the album – it’s such a different and inspiring experience recording in places like Marfa, Texas and Iceland.

Q:Electronics sound is main element in The xx’s songs, how do you adapt it for live performance that make the audiences don’t feel like they play the CD?

All the individual sounds you hear have to be triggered individually by Jamie. He’s got a big set up on stage with Dj equipment, synthesizers, samplers and drums so it’s as close to performing live as we can get!

Q: What can I expect from The xx in 2018?

Well after our Asia tour we get back into festival preparation and shows in the summer, and hopefully a few other exciting projects along the way.

The Asia tour of The xx is coming to an end, let’s await their forthcoming exciting projects and festival shows!

The xx ‘I See You 2018 Asia Tour’
Though the band wrapped up the show in Hong Kong, but you can still catch their final stops in Japan and South Korea. They’ll be performing in Osaka, Japan (9th February), Chiba, Japan (13th February), and end the Asia Tour in Seoul, South Korea on 13 February.

For more information, please visit http://thexx.info/tour/

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