Sónar Searches for Extraterrestrial Life Through Music

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to listen to music in outer space? To celebrate Sónar’s 25th anniversary this coming 2018, they have decided to bring music to a whole different dimension. This experiment truly embodies the spirit of Sónar, “an artistic and scientific rumination on what it means to be human, and alien.”

Sónar partnered with the IEEC (Catalonia Institute of Space Studies and METI International, to reach out to possible extraterrestrial life on the Solar System, by bringing 36 original tracks, linked with the festival, in hopes of receiving a shout back from the expoplanet. The chosen destination GJ273b (Luyten Star b), is one of the potential habitable exoplanet, located 12.4 light years from Earth.  

Transmission 1 has been sent during 16th -18th October, 2017 and has now travelled 1,101,445 km and counting, the estimated time of arrival of our package will be in the year 2030. Transmission 2 will take place April, 2018, you too can take part in sending your selected musical message to extraterrestrial life!

The three selected musical artists chosen by you will be invited to join Sónar 2018 in Barcelona to add to the eclectic mix of musical talent to showcase Earth’s most diverse and forward-thinking artists. Deadline is set on 1st March, 2018.

Some of the selected artists for this project

Sónar Hong Kong will be taking place on 17th march 2018, Early Bird tickets are now available on Ticketflap.