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Lindsey Jordan, famous for the most listened band Snail Mail, who is an outstanding musician, a writer, and a singer, created her own another debut album Lush with the fantastic response from her fans. She started her career in 2015 by playing live songs with her band. 

It was not much time when she stepped inside this extensive music industry, and she kept rocking the world with your lyrics and music. It’s only three years of Jordan’s popularity, and she already has a tour around the globe. It’s remarkable that she owns millions of hearts with her music and writing skills. 

Lindsey Jordan, spent her childhood in the suburbs of Maryland, US. While other children of her age were busy playing, she was busy making efforts for learning guitar because of her passion for music. Only that dedication and enthusiasm made her what she is today. 

Snail Mail started having world tours within three years of their music career. The band did not expect much from those tours. She hoped to travel the world to see some fantastic sights and enjoy the tour completely. This thing makes Snail Mail the most exciting when she is going to go for a tour. 

Along with the tour, people started getting connected to her songs and moreover, they were demanded to perform at different places. Lindsey said that their most of time are on roads travelling from one place to another.

It was not easy for Snail Mail to handle immense fame at this early age of life. She came into the world of the music industry right after her high school and learned a lot of things such as becoming a leader, owning a business, writing heart-touching songs. Jordan also added, “The best way to stay sane is to ignore everything that doesn’t directly involve the music.” According to Lindsey, everything is mundane and will fade away, but the music stays forever.

The time when the fame came across was nerve-racking for Lindsey. Everything happened all at once that she couldn’t get time to think about it. She had various interviews and label offers to knock her door, and for her, it seemed to be cool, and at the same time, she was naïve to act smartly. She felt like she had to be mature a little to handle the situation. In that phase of life, Lindsey Jordan learned a lot of new things.

In her interview, Lindsey said that she has never felt as much crazier in her entire life as she felt while making her album Lush. It was the feeling of a roller coaster ride when it goes down. She has a liking for the roller coaster but feels scared at the same time. No matter how she felt, she has always been ready to share it with her fans. She was excited to make it played live. She further explained that she believed in all of those songs and will keep it the way it is. 

Imagine a child is learning guitar while other children are playing with sand and doing other cool stuff. Five years is quite a young age to choose a career. Snail Mail also let us knew about what sparks her interest in producing music. She had a liking for the movie “School of Rock” and also liked Avril Lavigne a lot. When she was 8, she came to know about Paramore, which is still her favourite band and that band was led by a woman. She’s always been a musician and has a keen interest in writing as well. According to Lindsey, composing music and writing is wonderful means for expressing emotions.

Being an indie guitarist and a songwriter at the same time is quite challenging. Snail Mail nailed it with her hard work and dedication. The most challenging part in all of this for Lindsey was to write new music. Satisfying your self is exceptionally critical for anyone. Jordan always makes sure that her music and lyrics are better than anything she could have done.

Snail Mail also shared some of her projects and said that they have been working on more new stuff lately. So, there is exciting news coming one day may be more significant than snail mail previous records.  

Snail Mail never let her fans down as she has always been working to get the best work done from her side. This is the real Snail Mail. She openly shares her sex in public and lives the way she is. She doesn’t believe in feminism. According to her, she is a human being first and then anyone else. 

Lush is receiving great response from critics and fans. All the songs in the album are clean with every note heard clearly. Every section of the song is delivered with energy and poise. Her guitar skills help her new album (Lush) attain immense support that attracts obsessive listeners. 

Snail Mail’s music and songs differentiate her from other indie rock stars of yesteryears and present times. She is indeed a rock star who is born to shine.

Snail Mail & eevee – Live in Hong Kong
Wednesday, 10 October 2018
7:30pm, This Town Needs
Advance HKD340 | Door HKD380

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