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It’s the end of the year, just one more music festival about to take its toll on the Hong Kong music-hungry fans, how has the year treated you? We’ve seen more and more music festivals landing in Hong Kong since it’s sudden boom in EDM fever. Have you ever wondered which one suits you most? It’s all plastered over social media whenever a festival takes place, but what makes it so special, and are you guaranteed for the best time of your life?

Clockenflap Sonar Creamfields ALTN8 Wow and Flutter Road to ULTRA
Time 17th-19th Nov 2017 1st Apr 2017  15th – 16th Dec 2017 11th Mar 2017 11th- 13th Aug 2017 16th Sept, 2017
Best Known For Music and arts festival music , creativity and technology UK’s largest electronic music brand electronic music in a sustainable format 本地薑週末 World’s Premier Electronic Dance Music Festival
Ticket Price

(for upcoming events in 2017-2018)

Fan Fare:
FRI $740
Early Bird: $780 1 Day $888

2 Day $1,688

Early Bird $480 Weekend pass: $650

Day pass: $350

General Admission: $990 – $148o


High up on the top tier of Hong Kong must go events, Clockenflap has transformed itself from an after-school project by co-founders Justin Sweeting, Mike Hill and Jay Foster, as a hobby turned Hong Kong’s largest music event. Not only known as the host of various global talent, Clockenflap brings arts and visual installations and in recent years even partnered with well-known brands (Levi’s, Kiehl’s) to bring festival goers first hand experience becoming tastemakers on the fashion sphere.

In recent years, Clockenflap have attracted many of the city’s musicians and KOLs, becoming more of a social event, of course one with music and entertainment, but many would argue that a ticket to Clockenflap might not make you a music fanatic, rather a party-lover who enjoys music and sharing the experience with friends.

Headliners: The Prodigy, Massive Attack, Kaiser Chiefs

Music fanatic’s note: If you have a varied taste for music, and overall ambience and fashion, this one’s for you.
Foodie’s note: You’re in for a treat, Clockenflap invites numerous local vendors to introduce festival goers their mouth-watering menus.


Sónar derived from Barcelona as one of the leading tastemakers of electronic music, and is widely considered as the world’s most respected electronic music festival. Debut at Hong Kong’s Science Park, the Sónar and Sónar+D experience wowed many for their cutting edge workshops and demos. Leading International DJs, and technological communities all gather together to share their new findings.

From the feedback after its debut, Sónar+D turns out to be the real star of the show, engaging with all festival goers, showcasing all relevant new findings on the technological front. To call it an electronic music festival does not do it justice, it’s a discussion of technology, electronics and culture all surrounding music.    

Headliners:Evian Christ, DJ Shadow, Dave Clark, Gilles Peterson

Music fanatic’s note: If you are a tech-mania, this one’s for you the two part event will keep you entertained for the whole day!
Foodie’s note: Beware of the lack of food choices, last year’s Sónar did not include much food vendors, many festival goers left with an empty stomach.


Creamfields UK 2017 Highlights

About to debut in Hong Kong this December, Creamfields hailed from the UK, often described as a large dance music party. The festival originated in 1998 and has since found it’s way all around the world. As one of the music festival chain all around the world, we can expect an explosive and elaborate lineup from them.

The organisers originally pitched the event as a large outdoor clubbing experience, with the DJ filled lineup featuring all the big names in the industry, you’re in for a magnified club nightout that is going to blow your minds.  

Headliners: Tiesto, KSHMR, Marshmellow

Music fanatic’s note: If you enjoy going to the club and enjoy a good night out, be sure to catch Creamfields Hong Kong this December!
Foodie’s note: It’s going to be held at the Asia World Expo, so it’s all those chain restaurants at the venue, expect fast food and coffee chains!


Another new festival to add to the busy schedule, ALTN8 claims to become Hong Kong’s first carbon-neutral and sustainable music festival, taking advantage of established clubs and venues around the Lan Kwai Fong area, creating a unique map featuring 40 artists spread across 8 different places. It wishes to remind us all of the already amazing venues that is always available to us, and encourage us all to discover music surrounding us regardless of the occasion.

Many describe this as a bar-hopping experience that allows festival goers to jump from venue to venue depending on which act is performing. It’s a great way to explore the city and to know more about Central, but be sure not to get lost in the process!

ALTN8 is joining the crew at Wonderfruit this coming December

Headliners: Stephan Bodzin, Preditah, DJ Pierre

Music fanatic’s note: If you’re an environmentalist and wants to know more of what Hong Kong has to offer, this one’s for you.
Foodie’s note: You can secure a brunch spot at Fish and Meat, and their buffet is one of the bests in Hong Kong!


Deemed as one of the local music festivals, Wow+Flutter showcases the local musical acts and highlights what the Hong Kong music industry has to offer. Wow+Flutter hopes to overrule the old saying本地薑唔辣”, brining Hong Kong made to the big stage. Known as a festival that represents the city, even the stages are named after the three distinctive areas in Hong Kong (Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories)

Unlike the international festivals mentioned above, Wow+Flutter focuses on what local artists has to offer, highlighting what’s valuable to building the city’s cultural and musical sphere. It’s almost like the exact opposite of what Clockenflap and Creamfields is trying to achieve, rather than an international artists, you’ll find yourself enjoying to tracks from local indie bands.

Headliners: Tat Ming Pair, Supper Moment, ChoChukMo

Music fanatic’s note: If you want to discover more about the local music scene, be sure to secure your place at Wow+Flutter.
Foodie’s note: Indulge in nostalgic local street food such as gaai dan jai (egg puffs) and buut jai goh (glutinous rice pudding).


ULTRA Music Festival originated from Miami and has since expanded their branches throughout the world. Recognized by DJ Mag as World’s Best Festival in 2016, Road To ULTRA stations can be described a warm up to the full sized event. With ULTRA events happening in different countries for the whole year, to them, the party never ends and fans can travel the world trying to catch DJs performing in different countries.

This year’s Road to ULTRA Hong Kong came across to be chaotic, as one man died and three in critical condition due to weather conditions, fans were not happy with the management and has yet to confirm whether or not there will be a third edition to the festival.

Headliners: Hardwell, Kygo, Zedd

Music fanatic’s note: If you enjoy to travel around the world, and has no previous music festival experience in specific countries, ULTRA has been organizing events for over a decade, you’re guaranteed for a good time!
Foodie’s note: This is your typical festival food stereotype, so think hotdogs, fingerfoods and maybe a burger.


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