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Ear Hub is about to make a history with global music industry practitioners. Ear Hub wants to mix one of the biggest exhibition with a grand music concert and integrate creative ideas and business opportunities in one of the biggest city in China, Hong Kong.

For the first time Ear Hub Expo will be holding an exhibition for three days from June 10-June 12, this will involve performance from 12 grand musical groups from around the world.

The exhibition will hold in three forms within three days, the first is Ear Hub Showcase – the concert in which top musicians from around the world would be performing live; then it comes in Ear Hub Roundtable – with more than 100 participants to inspire interested parties to further develop music by exploring Asian performance venues, international music festival performance channels, music market strategies and live performance strategies in Greater China (how to promote music in Asia and networking and discussions of other music related issues, industry participants will surely benefit from the process); the third form is Ear Hub Network – which planned for participants and performers to promote each music brand.

This exhibition is going to hold conversations between some of the world’s most important people in the music industry, people like Jason Mayall, founder of Fuji Rock Festival and Director of UK Smash; Christian Kiesler, founder of sound Munich, Germany; Yoon Young Kong, executive director of Zandari Festa Seoul, South Korea, and so much more, mixed with the world’s greatest group of musicians and singers, people like Ellen Lo, the Math-Folk women’s band GDJYB, the upcoming band Phoon and so many more.

With this expo, Ear Hub’s Aim is to nurture the cultivation of local music culture and also promote the exchange of local music unit with the industry and link to all parties to explore music development space and business opportunities.

You can’t afford to miss it, because it’s going to be a life changing experience for you, for your record label and your music.