Thud releases 2018 brand new single “ADO”

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It’s been a great year so far for new music and Hong Kong dream pop/new wave/shoegaze band has given a pleasant surprise to everyone who says the city’s limited with its home-grown music (outside of Cantopop) with its new single ADO.

Since exploding onto the scene almost four years ago with their debut single, Lime, this young four-piece has continued to astound with their shoegaze mastery. This isn’t a band that started rough. From day one, their output has gone toe to toe with some of the best shoegaze acts in the world with their debut EP, Floret and following single, Prime of Pride, merely cementing the fact. Thud’s latest single, Ado, continues the winning streak. This is a beautifully constructed summer tune that – upon closer inspection – hides a melancholic sadness that embodies that shoegaze goodness that Thud does so well.

”We want to express some kind of fuss in life that is unexplainable and we could not escape from it. Just like the decay of passion on everything. We all could not escape from this melancholic cycle of decay. Musically, Ado is rather faster among our other songs. It may sounds “happy” but again it contains our general characteristics- an despairing, almost gloomy undertone”, said Kim Ho, Thud lead singer

Thud’s new single Ado, featuring a-side “Ado” and b-side “Still Still” is available today digitially and on streaming services. It will release later in the year on 7” vinyl.

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Thud met at HKDI, describe themselves as “weirdos” and just happen to make beautiful noise together: a shoegaze wall of sound layered with dreamy synth pop and ethereal vocals.