TwOPeN & ZECA’s Debut Mixtape FALLOUT Is Now On Youtube

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Rappers from Lostboyz, TwOPeN collaborated with ZECA 天佑 recently released FALLOUT Mixtape via Lostboyz’s Youtube channel.

The theme of the mixtape is about “uniting”. Uniting dismal people to face all uncertainty and crisis that they encounter, rather like the video game, FALLOUT.

Other than featuring Rapper MaDDFattY aka 墨菲特 (also under Lostboyz), the mixtape also features Geniuz F the Future of Bakerie, Y5 of LitHot and Philipines-born HK Rapper JB!

“Lofi” is about HK Rappers shedding their roles as rappers and facing the reality of life.

Some face examinations, others face family. Some face their lovers, others face themselves.

This song is the last one in the FALLOUT Mixtape, apart from collaborating with the famous artist JNYBeatz, the music video was directed by Traviz Ho, giving the music a mixture between reality and fantasy.

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