Wild Eyes by DEER

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“Wild Eyes” is a music released by an Hong Kong based electronic music band called Deer, the song is one of various imaginary tracks in the album Portraits that expresses the bands experience as Hong Kong residents. The song was released on March 9, 2018. It was co-produced by Yu Chain at rooftop studios. The song expresses the experience and challenges residents encounter in the city, “Head down, wake up, you are alone, face it and don’t look back.” This explains talks how one needs to be level headed, hold the bull by the horn, and not for once think it twice. You are alone in the quest and only you can save yourself. 

The second verse encourages one not to bicker or wail about every little circumstance but be encouraged. Do not think too much about the things that makes you cry, you are one of the many in the same circumstance. Stay calm but wake up and realize that you are the only one that can save your drowning self. This video is a visualized conception that gives an insight into the postmodern crisis within the city, its one to fall in love with by all electronic music lovers. 

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