Jason Swamy @ Wonderfruit Festival

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Jason Swamy

Director and Co-founder


Being described as one of the pioneering festivals that challenges its attendees with new grounds that boasts creativity technology and global inclusions. The annual Wonderfruit Festival aspires to be the catalyst for positive change and seek to find creative ways to live sustainably and responsibly as part of the campaign to engage festival goers as ecologically-conscious players to help protect our precious natural resources. Director and Co-founder Jason Swamy shares with BOOM the fountain of his inspirations, and how the festival contributes to a larger ecological issue and brings light to the issues at hand.

To many the word ‘festival’ might mean a celebration through music, to be in the moment and forget all your real-life problems and issues. However, when you step onto the fields at Siam Country Club. You will be transported into a world of consciousness, with each action you make or even just passively seeing and taking in the information, it leads to Wonderfruit’s mission — “sustainability is an adventure and that being responsible and having fun can go hand in hand” From what we see, this occasion believes that enjoyment can be blended in with educating the crowds, killing two birds with one stone is what it strives to do.

For the organisers what’s most important is the fact that people have taken something away from their experience, ‘mindfulness’ is one of the key words derived from our conversation with Swamy, it’s important to keep in mind that all six pillars of connectivity is what makes the festival an all-rounded experience. Within which the ‘wellness’ section brings up some common questions about a rather rare sighting for music festivals to include such extreme polars of sense. Swamy proceeds to debunk all those mythical claims, claiming “I don’t think they oppose at all!” He then further explains that Wonderfruit wants to cater for each individual, and to see things in different perspectives. For some dancing and losing yourself in the live music might be a great way to let out steam, but some might be more passive, and mindful, and find it relaxing to do so on the yoga mat, in which the Wellness corner might just be the answer to that. “Both are ways that help can people become more mindful and conscious of their actions.”

When asked what are some of the on-site installation that attracts most attention, Swamy explains that the on-site farm is a unique sight that is not found in any other festivals. To educate people about abstract ideas such as sustainability is to show to them how it could be done and to practice over the days of the festival. During the days they brought in the region’s top chefs using the produce grown directly from the farm. “We’re trying to create a real connection between the amazing food on the table, with the land around us – ‘farm to table’.” This correlation could also be found with the many art installations that surrounds the event space, “The sum of each part creates a great whole that embodies what Wonderfruit is all about, a sustainable arts and culture lifestyle brand that is about connecting and educating people for purposeful fun.”

Wonderfruit Festival

16th – 19th February 2017

Pattaya, Thailand