Young Hysan’s SOLO album will drop on January 2018

As one of the rising Gangster Rap music group “The Low Mays,” their music style has always been full of  personality and shows off their uniqueness through the music. Every song they produce, the ideas in the music can show their creativity and talent. They hope through their music, it can tell the audiences another image of Hong Kong.

“奶油包” from “The Low Mays” is making a big move in 2018! In January he will start his solo performance by the name “Young Hysan,” and launch his first Hip-Hop album “No Feelings”. Music lovers have no reason to miss this album!

“Digits” by Young Hysan, is about the global view of people under the belief of materialism nowadays. In the society, people put too much attention on the value or price of something. And people always miss something beautiful around them. Young Hysan used another style to present this song, hoping to let audiences understand the music that he is doing.

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