YOUNGQUEENZ – “DragonTown Pt.II”

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There’s nothing like a music video to bring out the character in a song. Unfortunately, these days, music videos tend to be mostly the same, especially rap videos. Needless to say, it’s refreshing when a clip comes along that is different and creative enough to grab and hold your attention. Rapper, producer and the mastermind behind Wild$tyle Records, YoungQueenz is at it again with his “DragonTown Pt.II” featuring N.O.L.Y & Floyd Cheung.

YoungQueenz captures its irrepressible weirdness in the drop video by telling a forward moving story of Dragon Town. Built on the sharp contrast between jolly, syncretic melodies and menacing trap cadences, the song presents YoungQueenz as confident and cutting. The extremely long shots make it all the more impressive. It’s videos like that this that show you don’t need a big budget to make an excellent video. You just need creativity, and the Otaku Mobbi had a seemingly endless supply of that. This incredible MV which had N.O.L.Y on the second verse was Directed by OZMA and the Photography directed by Swing and Prod by Floyd Cheung. Still, the track is something we haven’t heard from YoungQueenz before: The intensity level has ticked up a notch, and the mood has soured considerably.

YoungQueenz is the leader of Hong Kong hip hop collective WILD$TYLE. His music delves into themes not normally explored in hip hop – anime, video games, and the South China grit of his hometown – and combines it flawlessly with traditional rap motifs. He’ll rap about DMT and weed, and then about his favorite anime heroes and somehow it all works.

WILD$TYLE is an independent label that has aspirations of becoming the main defining force of the hip-hop scene in Hong Kong. Their name comes from the 1983 American movie Wild Style, which is one of the most influential hip-hop films of all time. First established in 2011, WILD$TYLE has held the same unwavering mindset of creating the “purest and dopest hip-hop” to this very day. Since then, they have collaborated across the globe, working with talented artists in Japan, Taiwan, and even France.