19th Apr | YourMum presents: The Notwist

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YourMum presents: The Notwist
Adv HKD 320 @Ticketflap
Date: 19th April Thursday

Time: 7:30pm – 10pm
Venue: this town needs (TTN)

YourMum is thrilled to announce that German indie group, The Notwist, will be making their local debut with us on April 19th at TTN.

Formed in Munich in 1989, The Notwist’s musical spectrum has spanned grunge-metal, indie rock and electronica.  The theme throughout, their uncanny ability to craft a series of personal and impeccable records that warmly thread together the far corners of independent music.  It’s part majestic, cinematic pop, part kraut-infused jazz and impossible to tie down to just one movement.  Across a career which has spanned nine albums, and nearly three decades, The Notwist charm has always been to create music ripe with authenticity and mood, which sounds at once romantic and melancholic.  Story telling songs which feel both intimately personal as well as broadly accessible. Soundtracks for the movie going on inside you, which we all can relate.  Just listen to “Consequence’ from the 2002 LP ‘Neon Golden’ and you’ll know what we mean.

Live, the group step up to a whole new experience, bringing their insatiably catchy music to their purest, joyful conclusion.  Head music which translates to the heart.  Come find out what makes these guys so special and what has maintained their status as one of the most credible ‘band’s band’ out there.

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