24 NOV | Infinite FanMeeting 2018 in Macau

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Infinite FanMeeting 2018 in Macau

Date: Saturday 24 November 2018
Time: 8pm
Venue: Broadway Theatre, Broadway Macau
Ticketing: VIP HKD$1,680 (Hi-5) | HKD$1,080 | HKD$880 | HKD$580
‣‣ Available at boomticketing.net

*** VIP HKD $1680 ticket holders are entitled to participate the hi-touch session.
*** HKD $1080 ticket holders are entitled a chance to win for hi-touch session (50 quotas). Please refer announcement from organizer for further details.

The Korean boy band INFINITE will meet with Macau INSPIRIT (the official fan name) finally! In the 9th year of debut, they will make their first fan meeting in Macau.

INFINITE officially debuted in 2010, and the debut song was “Come back again”. Later they launched a number of remarkable songs, including the classic scorpion’s dance “BTD”, “The Pursuit”, “Destiny”, “Last Romeo”, “Bad “, etc. At the beginning of this year, INFINIE returned to the K-POP with the song “Tell Me”. The goal was good and the song swept the major music platforms.

If INSPIRIT don’t want to miss the chance to meet up with Infinite, they need to remember and pay attention the news about fan meeting. The fan meeting will be held at 8:00 pm on November 24, 2018 at the Broadway Theatre in Macau.

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