Have a Blasting Night with Mijk van Dijk in this New Year Countdown

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Back in the 90s, the industrial, cold, lonely but inspiring EDM music of Techno and Trance wakes up every nerve in our body, people listening to the music dancing with the exploration of their true-self.

At that time, Mijk was the among one of the first emerging artists from the early Berlin Techno scene. He was a Rave scene star in Berlin, an EDM music icon starting from the 90s.

Mijk’s music hits straight to our heart. With the Berlin, industrial music from Techno, his fan base grew significantly.

In 1994, Mijk was invited to cast in ‘Ghost In The Shell’, a globally famous Japanese science fiction animation. He flew all the way from Berlin to Japan. Before this film, he had already been to Japan more than thirty times and met lots of Japanese friends during his trips. His starring in the film tightened his linkage with Asian culture.

He stumbled upon that the aesthetic of Techno actually matches well with the cyber punk scene and the sin industry in the film. With his music and the animation, the combination was impeccable.

Shenzhen is where the film ‘Ghost In The Shell’ took place. The landscape of the city matches with the cyber punk scenes, bringing out the industrial, dark feel the film intended.


Those ignorant may reject the idea of future, but before it comes, we should at least face the present.  

Shenzhen, as the birthplace of EDM party, holds a cyberpunk music party that brings you to the future in this new year countdown. We should all get some sparks in our lives!



Venue:  Mars Live House (10/F, T-Park, 2001 Binhe Dadao, Futian District) and

Oil Club (11A Ground Floor, Tairan Mansion, Tairan 8th Rd, Futian District Shenzhen)


Single day ticket: 30-31/12  at Mars Live House/Oil Club

Reserved: RMB100, Pay at entrance: RMB150

Package: 2-Day Mars Live House + Oil Club after party

Reserved: RMB 260