8th March | International Women’s Day Art Treat. Charity Exhibition ‘HOPE’ at Alisan Fine Arts

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International Women’s Day is upcoming on March 8th. What does that mean except a perfectly normal day? Well, for one thing, this is the annual special day to remind people to treat women equally across the world, no matter where you are at. A group of Chinese women artists are actually celebrating this special day with an exhibition of their art works. The ‘HOPE’ exhibition brought to you by Alisan Fine Arts.

11 extraordinary contemporary Chinese women artists, including Irene Chou, Fang Zhaoling, Chinyee, Pat Hui, Kassia Ko, Man Fung-yi, Cherrie Cheuk, Chu Chu, Wang Mengsha, Zhang Xiaoli and Zhang Yirong, will showcase their greatest art works. All forms of art expected including paintings, photography, calligraphy and sculpture will await for your arrival. It highlights the innovation, diversity, achievements and success of Chinese women artists.

The participation will support a great cause as a portion of sales will directly benefit the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation (HKAHF), which is dedicated to helping Hong Kong’s disadvantaged people in need of medical treatment.

Why not treat yourself a little art vibe and bring up our hope? After all, ‘art is the highest form of hope’.

Charity Exhibition ‘HOPE’ at Alisan Fine Arts

Date: 6-20 March, 2018

Time: 5-8pm

Venue: Central Harbourfront Event Space