[Travel by Genre] Your Music Preference Reveals Which Holiday Hotspot Suits You

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Christmas and New Year may be just over, but Lunar New Year has already been lurking around, waiting for attention. Everyone wants to have a nice vacation to start a new year, 2018 is no exception. Maybe you’d already been planning your New Year vacation, devoted yourself into the fantasy of travelling. It probably sounds more like you though — I want to travel, but where should I go? There’re a wide variety of countries and cities to travel to, and we know things can get overwhelming sometimes. That’s why we’ve come up to a suggested list to match your music preference with the holiday hotspots. Come and grab your place!

Abisko, Sweden

Chasing the northern lights

Aurora is one of the most breathtaking natural wonders, the beauty of it is beyond words. If you’re up for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, Sweden is all yours! Abisko is a northern village flooded with travelers for its stunning view of the aurora and the amazing snowtime activities there. While waiting for the northern lights to pop up, those winter activities can keep you occupied! One thing to keep in mind – It’s all snow up there, so R&B songs can be your best company for its mixture of rock, pop, blues etc. for those hate-but-love feelings you might have during snowfall!

Listen to Daniel Caesar’s ‘Best Part’ or Drake ‘Passionfruit’, there’s a warmth in these two songs that can help ease the harsh cold weather!

Bangkok, Thailand

Foodie Heaven

Thailand’s beach is well-renowned in the world, but what is unexpected is the food there. There’re lines after lines of food stalls on the streets, local food like Pad Thai, Tom Yum Kung and Khanom Buang (Thai Crepes) is scattered on the busy streets. With the decent taste and cheap price, they’re unbeatable! What makes the experience better? EDM! Whether you’re strolling through the street vendors, Khanom Tako (Thai Pudding with Coconut Topping) in one hand, chewing a mouthful of Satay or lying on a beach, clutching Nom Yen (Iced Milk with Syrup) and enjoying the perfect sunlight, EDM boosts your mood and lets it aligns with the vibe around you! Planning your next foodie trip? Bangkok is the right place.

Both ‘It Ain’t Me’ by Kygo and Selena Gomez and ‘Let Me Go’ by Hailee Steinfeld and Alesso bring out an eccentric feeling and are fantastic EDM songs for this trip!

Hokkaido, Japan

Fancy some snow? Or skiing?

Walking in the middle of a white, snowy road, amidst magnificent ice sculptures, there you go Hokkaido! This February there will again be an incredible Snow Festival in Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido. In Asia, Hokkaido is famous for its heavy snowfall. It’s not far from Hong Kong, and we can have days to visit and play around there that’s well beyond snow fighting or snowman building. The renowned ski resort is also worth mentioning. It’s sound and solid. Once you get there, you might fall in love with this place. I warned you.

‘Feel It Still’ by Portugal. The Man and ‘Walking The Wire’ by Imagine Dragons are decent rock songs with a vibe of winter. Let’s start off your snowy journey with some rock ‘n’ roll.

Gold Coast, Australia

A summer winter and beach-goers paradise

How does a winter at beach sound? Cold. In Hong Kong, maybe; but, in Australia it’s another case. Seated in Oceania, it means their summer time is our winter time and vice versa. Australia has 10,685 beaches. Amazing, right? Gold Coast is a stunning region to get started your Aussie beach experience. Sandy beach is one thing, surfing spots and famous theme parks are another. With so many summer activities there, you won’t be bored! After all, what’s better than getting away of the wind and coldness?

‘Feelin’ It’ by Scotty McCreery is a perfect summer song. Its light rhythm and summer-ish lyrics match with the weather outside! Luke Bryan’s ‘Roller Coaster’ MV is beautiful to watch, its vibe of summer melts me. Careful!

New York, the United States

Have It All

New York is not just a hipster city. It’s much more than that. The culture is diverse, graffiti is scattered on the wall of streets, rappers and artists alike emerge themselves greatly into the modern city. Various tours are on the market, be it a graffiti tour, a hip-pop tour or a Broadway tour, you name it, New York probably has it. No doubt, New York is the icon of style, art, and culture. And that’s the essence of Hip-pop. There’re a wonderful lot of great rappers based in New York like KRS-One, Pete Rock & CL Smooth and LL Cool J.

Imagine yourself sitting in a cosy hipster cafe in New York, smartphone playing Post Malone’s ‘rockstar’ or Kendrick Lamar’s ‘HUMBLE’, don’t you get in the vibe and rap along with them, exploring your way of New York with the company of some great hip-pop songs?

Destination? Got. Time for the exciting yet dreadful trip planning part.