Follow Theses Hottest MV Filming Spots and Travel!

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Have you ever wondered where did a MV take place? Artist go to great lengths to make sure their songs are best paired with the perfect locations. It’s hard NOT to be wanting in the place where a stunning MV filmed. Whether it’s for leisure travelling, spot-hunting or Insta-pics, the filming locations we picked below will blow your mind with their splendidness.

Bruno Mars – 24K magic

Las Vegas, United States

Let’s start off this list with last year’s ‘Song of The Year’. The award-winning track is filmed inside and outside the 24-hour casinos in Las Vegas. Located in the state of Nevada, Las Vegas is a world-renowned resort city for its vibrant nightlife. The extravagant life as shown in the MV is captivating. As Bruno Mars dances in those grand casinos and hotels, it’s tempting to join them. Everyone should experience this kind of spiritedness once in their life. And in Las Vegas, here’s your chance!

Justin Bieber – I’ll Show You

South Coast, Iceland

The MV kicked off by Bieber walking on a cliff, surrounded by all the green hills. Waterfalls, grassland and glacier then followed. It’s true that in ‘I’ll Show You’, Bieber has showed us plenty of magnificent parts of South Coast in Iceland. From greenery to glacier, you can have it all in Iceland while appreciating the grateful warm summer as the wind caresses your hair. Oh, and did I mention the extraordinary Icelandic hot dog? Even for a hotdog-hater, the food is still divine. Another justification to book a flight, just go for it!

Troye Sivan – Wild

Botany Bay Coastal Walk

Kurnell, Australia

Tucked in Sydney suburb, Kurnell is a hidden gem in the metropolitan region. For many beach-lovers, the amazing beaches are hard to beat. Even if you’re not a beach-goer, lying in there, feeling the sun radiating over your scalp DOES relax you a ton. Another hit spot in Kurnell is the striking view in Kamay Botany Bay National Park, where you can go bushwalking and whale watching, or simply enjoying the spectacular nature. 

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Tirol, Austria

Winter and summer, which one do you like better? This question is on constant debate. But at least one thing the majority prefer is snow. How does Austrian snow sound, then? Follow Ed Sheeran as he had an thrilling adventure in Western Austria. Located in the Alps, Tirol is well-known for its ski resorts and historic places. With those countless mountains, let’s take a snowy skiing trip there and feel as your adrenaline pulses!

Passenger – Setting Suns

Cape Town, South Africa

The MV is completely fascinating not just because of the track, but the amazing scenery of Cape Town. The city skyline is breathtaking, plus they’ve got penguins, dolphins and cape fur seals. Every animal- and nature-lover will definitely fall in love with this place. The sunset, as it appeared in the MV, really captures the magnificence of this city. A big plus? Cape Town is so economical and budget-travel- friendly that you won’t have to break your bank by travelling!