The Chainsmokers Announce New EP

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The countdown timer for their big announcement has been on their website for over a week now, and on 19th October, the timer revealed that it’s going to be a new EP! The pair has been asked this question in lots of interviews before, but has yet to confirm the idea of releasing an album, saying that “it’s all down to the fans” when it comes down to releasing a full album of songs. There was a lot of speculation going around the internet about the announcement and indeed listing to their fans requests.

Even with their upcoming EP album art, the duo hopes to engage fans with using social media – Spotify for the reveal of the piece.

Connect with The Chainsmokers on Spotify and follow their ‘Nice Hair’ playlist to help reveal their upcoming EP cover. The more times fans connect on Spotify, the sooner the EP cover art reveals. Spread the word and let your friends know!


When the bar reached 100% the reveal of the album cover will be announced, as for the date of the album, it has not been announced yet.