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Are you looking forward to coming to Macau, do you have any expectations?

It’s my 2nd time in Macau and I absolutely love how vibrant it is with a great abundance of party people with the party stamina to match! Macau has always been home to the people who really party hard till sunrise, the locals and expats from Hong Kong, Macau and nearby cities have a very refined taste of what great partying is and hence it’ll be a great match with the Tenashar show as its full on energy and impressive visuals and show elements. I read the crowd very well, and give them exactly what they need to party hard and enjoy! Macau is full of beautiful women that come out especially during ladies’ nights on Wednesdays and that has always been my favorite night to play!

What is the most outrageous (good or bad) experience that you had at a gig/festival?

The best experience was when a fan passed me a note over the console telling me he was suffering from a sprained neck but couldn’t stop dancing to my music, I love my fans! For a bad experience I guess it was when i was crowd surfing and my shoe hit someone in the face. I felt terrible and tried to shout mid-crowdsurf and say sorry but I doubt the person could hear me through the madness and cheering fans!

Which artists are you most looking forward to collaborating? Why?

I’m very much into different cultural vocals and I think KSHMR really takes that to a different level. I love what he does and I feel he’s a genuine producer who creates music he relates to instead of just making music for the sake of. I’m also looking all over the world for talented musicians and vocalists to create new banging tunes with, I’ve been songwriting for years now and I’m excited with all the new music I’m making, I love sharing my music for my fans’ enjoyment because that means the world to me. It’s also very common that I giveaway free music as good music should be shared and free; and my generosity is rewarded with happy fans who thank me for giving them music they can enjoy and dance to!

What do you wish to bring to Club Cubic Macau that the club has never seen before?

I will bring the house down! Every time Tenashar is in the building get ready for a highly energetic pumping night and the club going crazy! I am one of the most energetic female DJs and I think to see that is very rare. Something very unique about my show is that I love to interact with as many fans as I can, I jump down from the console for high fives and fist bumps, and maybe even crowd surf! Throwing Tenashar caps into the crowd is my way of giving fans a memorabilia for the great night they had 🙂 My caps always run out very quickly so I’ll make sure to bring more!

If you could change into an animal, what would it be and why?

I would be a lion. I bravely take on challenges and love to dominate the stage! Hear me roar! I guess I chose the Lion also because of my persona, being in a male dominated industry, I’m very lucky to have an abundance of charisma and confidence on stage. Being a performer and drummer since the age of 6, I live and breathe performing, with an unrivalled passion for what I do.

A word to your fans in Macau? What should they expect on the night?

Get ready to dance and jump all night long because the Tenashar show is all you need for that perfect party night out! And tell me where I can get the best Portuguese egg tart in Macau! Let me know in the comments!