Djiboutii – A Hidden Gem in the Backstreets of Wan Chai

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Djiboutii opens its doors with cocktails and organic food: the perfect place to kick back and relax.


Districts like western Wan Chai always have something that can take you by surprise. Ranging from traditional Chinese restaurants to stylish coffee shops, you won’t get bored even after a whole day there. When it comes to special things to do, there is one new spot you must not miss. It is like a hidden paradise in the back street of Landale Street, hard to find but impossible to miss; when you walk by, a unique logo jumps out at you – a mandrill face underneath an extraordinary name: Djiboutii.

When you first step into this newly opened cocktail bar, you will be amazed by its mysterious atmosphere created by the purple lights on the ceiling, under the bar tables, and in every corner. The cosy vintage sofas immediately make you feel at home. Grab one of their signature cocktails and chill with your friends after an exhausting day at work.

If you are an organic food lover, you’re in for a treat. Djiboutii has the best organic food in town. They bake their own Za’atar flatbread every day, and you don’t want to miss out the rotisserie chicken, which is fresh and juicy. As the founder Saam Lowni said, “Sophisticated but not pretentious, filling but not greasy or junk… more comforting, balanced and honest.”

Djiboutii keeps a playful heart. They promise that the lunch set will be ready to go in 10 minutes (including takeaways). If they can’t make it, they will only charge you half price! Though all of the dishes are freshly made, and they still manage to keep the promise and challenge every customer. You can enjoy the good food and maybe you can get the half price discount as well!

Djiboutii is also going to provide a Valentine’s Day dining experience to their supporters. Lovers can enjoy the perfect organic set dinner and Djiboutii will give you a free padlock, just like how they do on the Pont Des Arts bridge in Paris or outside Seoul Tower in South Korea: lock up your love! They also offer free flow F&B for two hours for singles. Perhaps you can find your meant-to-be on Valentines Day! Who knows?


Address: G/F, 2 Landale Street, Wan Chai
Phone: +852 9449 0777