Horoscopes [September 2014]

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Something sweet happened last month, but you will find yourself actually being in a complicated situation this month. It’s going to be very challenging and require lots of problem solving, and it’s going to make you realize you are actually getting old and becoming a real adult making adult decisions. Live and learn. For better relationship luck you should travel more this coming month. Go somewhere far, if not you can travel to Macau, and wear lots of red.

This is going to be absolutely a great month for you Oxen out there. I can definitely say you need to get yourself ready for a good time. Chinese people always say, “Opportunity knocks at the door only once”, meaning make the best of this chance. For those who don’t have a lover, you will very likely meet the man or woman of your dreams.  So remember to dress sharp, in colours like red and orange, and hang out in new places, for example if you always hung out in central LKF, it is good for you to try TST, or CWB.

After a fantastic month in August, you are going into another good month in September. You feel great, and you will do great. Especially in work you will find yourself heading upward. People who can help you a great deal will also appear in front of you at the perfect moment. Money-wise it is very stable, but try to remember if you still owe anyone money. Pay on the spot and borrow a lot. Go party in Causeway Bay, you may run into some very interesting people.

After feeling unstable and uncomfortable last month, this month isn’t getting that much better but is spiralling down even more. Good news is you will learn how to cope with your bad situation better. You will be better at not being so hard on others, and on yourself. For relationship luck it is quite a heavy and intense month, so if you already have a stable relationship, be careful getting into heated arguments, or throwing a tantrum at your lover over little things.

Congrats again Dragon folks! Your good luck keeps coming, whether it’s work, relationship, money or health! You will also be hearing some very good news from your family, creating even more positive energy. To have a good time you must go out by 11pm, and feel free to stay out as late as you want this month. You will be running into many old friends you haven’t seen in a long time! Try partying in Tsim Sha Shui this month, and wear more silver or golden items, this will bring you really good luck.

For the Snake folks this is going to be a joyful month, especially with work you are meeting many helpful people. But be careful that your finances may be unstable, you will be getting some unexpected expenses. It’s a good month to improve your bond with your lover, and if you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend, this is a good month to meet something special! Wear more colours such as black and blue and party in LKF!

Last month was full of change, which is leading to a very stable month for September! You will feel a lot happier and healthier, and could potentially hear some good news, especially on the relationship side. But pay more attention with work. You will tend to make small mindless mistakes. “No zuo, no die” is a new Chinglish phrase meaning if you don’t do anything stupid, it won’t come back and bite your ass. Go party in Wan Chai for a good time, and wear some dark colours for good luck.

There’s a saying that “seeing for oneself is better than hearing from others”, meaning not to take things as truth when you hear them, but check it before you believe it. You will be running a situation this month, that will actually lead you to understand what it means to ‘know the truth’, making you wiser! For a good time go out by 12am, and make sure you wear shiny items, such as diamonds or pearls! Party in Causeway Bay, and you will meet some new friends that will make you feel very alive, giving you the best time of your life.

This is going to be a very complicated month. You will be partying and socializing a lot, and it will actually lead to something dramatic. Don’t be surprised to find yourself meeting many new people. If you are not already taken this could be a good sign, but most likely it will turn out to be something not worth while. Be careful of over-spending since you are out most of the time this month and you will find yourself almost broke again! Wear some bright colours like white, or yellow, as this will bring you good luck.

This month you will be experiencing some changes. You will most likely hear from a co-worker or a boss that you will be heading for a promotion, or movements that you had always looked for. Be careful feeling uncomfortable from eating something bad during a night out. If you didn’t feel like eating it anyways, don’t force yourself, this is probably your body warning you! For a good night out you must go out by 10pm, and wear silver or gold items, this is going to bring you much better luck especially in your relationship!

dogAfter a good month in August, you will be having an exhausting month in September. This is especially for work, as you will need to spend a lot of effort doing something right, feeling like you can’t depend on anyone else! But relationship-wise you will be getting a lot of good news, and hearing some good news from your lover, giving you the surprise of your life. You must party in Wan Chai, but take care you don’t get into a fight, and to get luck please wear colours like white and yellow!

There’s a famous saying in Chinese, “all things are difficult before they are easy.” This phrase can be a great reminder for you since this month you will be running into some trouble especially in work. Listen to your heart rather then your brain more. Relationship luck will get better this month, but you must party in a place you always go to, because it is better luck to hang out with your best buddies, and this will bring you a lot of good news. Wear some shiny gold or silver for good luck.