Kronenbourg ‘Finish at Five’

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Have you ever looked upon the French lifestyle, envious of their ability to kick back and relax from work as soon as the clock hits five?

Kronenbourg 1664, ‘the world’s best-selling French premium beer’, is launching a cunning new movement encouraging Hong Kong employees to request their bosses to let them off work at five sharp one day in May.  A few short clicks on the Kronenbourg 1664 Facebook page will help craft a letter addressed to your boss, requesting that you might get to enjoy cinq-à-sept – that is, the period between 5 and 7pm – as the French do: sipping on beer and relaxing.

Kronenbourg have singled out Hong Kong is the world’s most hardworking city, and feel that the opportunity to relax during the week is well deserved.  Globally recognised as one of the world’s financial hubs, Hong Kong work hours are naturally some of the longest, with the average citizen working 49 hours a week.  By law, France has a 35-hour maximum workweek.  On a mission to spread the freedom of being able to leave the office on time and find the perfect ‘work-life balance’, Kronenbourg are offering us all a wonderful opportunity.

Participants that share on Facebook and persuade the most friends to join the movement will be specially rewarded.  Kronenbourg has promised to arrange a French-themed pop-up party at the winner’s office, where the entire office can enjoy a well-deserved rest, while indulging in various Kronenbourg beers, French bites and great music – for free.  Runners up will receive a case of Kronenbourg 1664 at their office at 5pm.

The promotion will give you a chance to try Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc White Beer, ‘fresh and fruity brewed with a hint of citrus and coriander spice’, which – tried and tested by us at BOOM – is pretty damn delicious.