New Act to Watch Out For: Conro

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Canadian producer Conro, born into a musical family with rich backgrounds in classical music, has recently ventured into the world of EDM, and have since been active creating music. His style could be defined as a ‘pick n’ mix’ type of genres grouped together, his electro house groove includes subtle creative nods towards his older work blending in aspects of rock, garage, and disco. Conro has been collaborating with numerous well known brands and producers including the 2014 X bus tour with Dyro and Bassjackers, as well as working with WOLV, and will soon be releasing new material with Monstercat. We talked with this new star in dance music to discuss his career,  music preferences and future goals.


Having a rich history in classical music and alternative rock music how did you transition into becoming an EDM music producer? Do you add in elements of such music backgrounds into your new work?
The transition was a little tricky at the start, but I get to apply all the hours of my practicing and jamming into my electronic productions now. For example, in the last song I finished up, I have layered 8 guitars and strong piano melodies throughout. With my more recent productions, I’ve been adding more and more organic sounds and instruments in my mixes.

What is the biggest difference in classical music and electronic music? Aside from its different choice of instrument?
The energy in electronic music is what I really fell in love with. When I was playing violin, it usually has the opposite effect of energising. It’s relaxing and calming, where I’m a pretty energetic guy so producing Electronic music made more sense for me!

How would you describe your music style now? Was there difficulty in the process of searching?
I would describe my music style now maybe like an indie future pop electronic jam sesh haha!
I just decided last year that I’m going to make music that I think is cool and not anything that had a formulaic shape or specific way I had to write. So, the transition was really fun and exciting!


Aside from the musicality side of production, do you have certain qualities that you wish your music to reflect?
I just want my music to connect and relate with a wide audience, I focus on making music that is not only specific for one type of listener. I just really want to make good music!

Was there a specific moment that you think have helped shape the career that you now have?
I think the transition in my music styles from electro/progressive to what I’m doing now. More specifically my first release of this year ‘On My Way Up’! It has been extremely motivating and encouraging to see that song along with many of my other songs gaining millions of views just this year alone!

Your latest remix of ‘All We Know’ was very well received from all the fans, how do you select tracks to remix, is there a checklist?
Yes it’s amazing to see the track being received so well! I have to connect with the track first and foremost. Then if I can shut my eyes and picture my own version of how I want to remix it, then I know it will turn out great! It’s important for me to have a strong vision.

How does being in Canada as opposed to Amsterdam where EDM is huge, makes a difference in your music production or inspiration in general?
It has been relatively easy, just the distance can be tricky when traveling back and forth. Jet leg is never fun haha. I gain inspiration from my surroundings for sure, so being able to camp and spend so much time outdoors here in Canada makes for some great inspiration!

What are your future plans? Any exciting news?
I have a bunch of stuff coming up! I have a wicked collab with DallasK, an album coming up on Monstercat – loads of new music! I Can’t wait to get it all out, been working on this album for sooo long.