Pacific Coffee x Essensuals Salon – An Evolutionary Step

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Taking pampering to the next level, Essensuals x Pacific Coffee makes those long hours at the salon fly effortlessly by.

Spending hours waiting for your hair to be dyed or waiting for that perm to set is enough to bore anyone to tears. So it is a wonder that no one thought of this before: put a coffee shop inside a hair salon so that clients can enjoy proper coffee and snacks while they are waiting.
It’s an evolution in hairdressing, really. By crossing over with Pacific Coffee, Essensuals Salon introduced the concept of a Café Salon and wowed Hong Kongers with their unstoppable combination of perfect food and beverage with a hair salon.

At their split-level store in Central, you can grab a high quality coffee made of Crema Scura, an organic Fair Trade coffee bean, in the café, then go upstairs and wait for your hairdresser. Great interior design with a marble stairwell, wooden tables and chairs and comfy sofas create a warm atmosphere, far removed from the usual clinical feel of most salons. And for the first time, Pacific Coffee now offers beer and wine at the Café Salon. What can be more chilled than having a glass (or three) of Chilean red while having your hair done?

Since opening their first salon in Hong Kong, Toni & Guy Essensuals has won numerous accolades and has established itself as one of the city’s best hair salons, with the first rate service and style you recognise from this famed international brand. Toni & Guy Essensuals always gives you the most professional, creative, and fashionable hairdressing experience. And now, there’s an added bonus – the luxury of pampering yourself with Pacific Coffee at the same time.

Cafe Salon
1/F, No. 86 Wellington Street, Central