Disney Bought Out TomorrowWorld

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[Translated by Lee Shum Yi Cameron]

[pukka_dropcap style=”” txt_color=”White” bg_color=”Black” size=””]A[/pukka_dropcap]while back, when TomorrowWorld, a subsidiary of SFX Entertainment, announced that a bankruptcy was imminent, almost all electropop fans across the world were in shock. Worse, on its official website, the 2016 festival held annually in Georgia has been slated to cancel due to financial issues; many fans cried their eyeballs out.


But things took a turn for the better. The Walt Disney had planned to acquire SFX, effectively becoming the parent company of TomorrowWorld. While fans wouldn’t need to worry about the loss of a music festival, many still harbor doubts that Disney would re-structure SFX and TomorrowWorld just wouldn’t feel the same as before. This speculation was not without a base.


Harking back to 2013, when then-Tomorrowland, a fairy-tale-themed music event dubbed the largest in the world, filed for a trademark in the United States, its proposed name coincidentally clashed with Walt Disney’s theme park, prompting the former to rename its official title to ‘TomorrowWorld.’ Further exacerbating the conflict between the two parties, Disney’s film Tomorrowland (2015) starring George Clooney was barred from releasing in several countries because of the ongoing trademark clash with Disney on American shores. Looking at how things stand at the moment, it seems the buy-out of SFX has officially ended the trademark war.



As for the cancellation of the music festival this year, we cannot entirely rule out the possibility of having TomorrowWorld back in action. Now that TomorrowWorld has been corralled by Disney, perhaps the most glaring problem that many fans share is, ‘Will TomorrowWorld be remolded by Disney to bear resemblance to any of its celebrated animation or theme park?’


[Source: www.mixmag.net]