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BOOM‘s Kitchen ——聖誕自助餐全記錄

今年的聖誕佳節應好好跟家人朋友一同享受一頓盤滿缽滿的大餐!BOOM知道各位在年尾期間比較繁忙,所以特意為大家搜羅了城中首三位的美酒佳餚好去處... …

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紐約餐廳Zagat為了慶祝過去一年的好成績,跟即將推出的手機程式,決定以一間只維持3天的小店來作宣傳。這間餐廳所提供的食物全都是紐約最出名,... …

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HK’s Sweet Tooth – Japanese Dessert Houses

The popularity of Matcha desserts in Hong Kong is hardly a secret, and much to dessert-lovers’ joy, more and more Japanese dessert houses are popping up everywhere – with new… …

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BOOMSHACK – The Food Truck Flava

BOOM sits down and talks burgers with Austin Fry, the owner, creative director, and old-school “soul-man” of Roundhouse, Mavericks, and Boomshack. …

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Sohofama – Going Loco in Soho

BOOM chats to Larry Tang , the man behind Hong Kong’s health revolution at Locofama and now Sohofama. …

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Appetite for Destructo

The Renaissance man of the electronic dance scene speaks to BOOM about bringing hard to Hong Kong, how he became a DJ and why all the kids are listening to …

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