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幾乎每日都有最新MV發佈,當中不少的景色都壯麗非常,你又有沒有過衝動想去片中的城市,跟著歌手的拍攝地點旅遊呢?現時愈來愈多歌手都出國取景,為... …

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2017剛完結,過去一年你曾去過哪些城市旅遊?又有哪些令你印象特別深刻?聖誕和新年的旅遊熱潮剛過去,但農曆新年已悄悄靠近,另一個旅遊旺季又即... …

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A Tokyo Weekend

  For the busy workaholic or student, it’s difficult to find enough time to travel, especially when it comes to visiting a city as sprawling and daunting as Tokyo. It’s… …

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It’s not just street food and hot springs in Taiwan’s capital. Asia’s hottest city reveals its secrets to BOOM’s party investigators. …

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Kuala Lumpur

If Kuala Lumpur just means the petronas towers to you, Siew Ching Chua will fill you in on the hottest spots in asia's newest party city. …

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Hanoi has gone from sleepy to sleek. Dave Stamboulis discovers some chic new rooftop bars to complement the hip scene on…… …

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Bangkok Bash

Bangkok party girl Chloe O’Connor checks out the hottest new clubs and bars in the city of angels. …

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