HKWALLs: A Good Week for Street Artists in HK

in 生活

Some call it graffiti and deem it vandalism. Others call it street art and consider it the same level as any other creative craft. Hate it or love it, one can’t help but marvel at HKWALLs’ dazzling artwork in Sheung Wan that seem to attack your peripherals and quickly turn your attention away from the smartphones we often have our faces buried in. Seriously, whether you want to take a picture for Instagram that gets a lot of ‘likes’ or you simply appreciate street art, you should check it out.

Those lucky enough to witness this groundbreaking event would’ve seen how these street artists are really about that life. Not only was the weather scorching hot, it started to rain in the middle of it – the artists simply shrugged their shoulders and continued with a spray can in one hand and an umbrella in the other. In about a week’s time, the people over at HKWALLs turned a bunch of dusty old walls into some beautiful, worthy-to-be-tattooed-on-your-skin art. They turned alleyways that were once victims of intoxicated men’s bladders, into an art gallery on the streets. It was enough to convert some of the “non-believers” of street art, which was evident when the little old lady from the local cha chaang teng gave a smile of approval. It was a good day for street art in Hong Kong.

If you didn’t manage to make it to the inaugural HKWALLs this year, have a look at our talented local artists braving severe rainstorms and soul-crushing heat to decorate the walls of Sheung Wan with stunning artwork.