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他——就是DJ Whoo Kid,嘻哈界的傳奇。



「在我所住的社區裡,我經常看到2Pac出出入入與鄰居一起製作音樂,」他說。「LL Cool J住在兩個街口外,Russell Simmons與RUN DMC住在Hollis的南邊。我天天看到嘻哈偉人,耳濡目染之下,我走進了這個圈子。」

DJ Whoo Kid不僅是位很有名的DJ以及製作人,他更是SiriusXM上Eminem的嘻哈頻道《Shade 45》中的著名主持人。

主持廣播節目並非易事,需要持續不斷關注最新的潮流動向還有進行許多研究。Whoo Kid從中學習了如何駕駛錯綜複雜的任務,「我很享受從頂級音樂人手中得到他們的最新創作,這使我可以聽到最新最前衛的音樂,更讓我知道音樂轉型趨向。正因如此,我才有辦法二十年來深耕於嘻哈圈並有出類拔萃的成果。」

不過,嘻哈並不是Whoo Kid唯一的興趣。他也熱愛電動,經常在許多知名電玩中出現。電玩與音樂是相輔相成的,他說:「電玩會影響音樂,尤其是NBA 2k。其中有許多很酷的嘻哈歌增加你玩遊戲的動感,」他補充道:「我可是Call Of Duty以及Grand Theft Auto的粉絲!」

成功從來都需要付出代價。自律在其中就扮演著很重要的角色,使Whoo Kid可以在電台主持,市場行銷與巡迴演出中游刃有餘。他謹守每日的時間表,成果大家也看到了。

工作的其中一環是製作混音輯。「通常都是由音樂人來製作混音輯,」Whoo Kid解釋了一下:「我會引導他們該製作多長的音樂並規劃該如何將這嶄新的混音輯發揚光大。」

許多在他的混音輯中客串的音樂人後來也變得很有名(50 Cent就是其中之一),DJ Whoo Kid成就了許多想在嘻哈圈有一席之地的人。

But who did he look up to as a kid?

“Loved Michael Jackson,” he says. “Such an energetic, moving and powerful individual. Made me look at music in open format.”

This openness has surely helped DJ Whoo Kid achieve incredible results.

“It gets crazier every year. I met Nelson Mandela, Djed by the Pyramids of Egypt, hung out with Michael Jackson himself and toured the entire planet with 50 Cent and Eminem.”

Of course, his incredible experience allows him to look at the industry with a critical eye, when necessary.

“Back in the days hungry talent was deserved success due to work ethics and hopes of making it big,” he says when asked how did the scene change throughout the years. “Now you can be a star with social media and silly antics but there are some talent amongst the ignorance.”

He has also some good advice for young people wanting to make it in the hip-hop world: “Learn how to read a crowd, think out the box and know that first impression is everything. Oh and find or link with an artist.”

In conclusion, DJ Whoo Kid gives us some details about his future plans, including his work in the business sector: “Touring and teaming up with a company for a few more years! Fashion, toys, gaming. Then end on Radio.”

We surely can’t wait to hear more from this legend!

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