22nd Mar – 22nd Apr | “The Poetry of Colors” 展覽會

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“The Poetry of Colors” 展覽會
日期: 2018年3月22日 – 4月22日 
時間: 10am – 7pm (星期一至六); 1pm – 6.30pm (星期日)
地點: Oi Ling Antiques 

“The Poetry of Colors” Exhibition will be presented at Oi Ling Antiques from 22 March to 22 April 2018, showcasing more than 40 abstract paintings by Philippe Caretti, a Swiss artist.

The Poetry of Colors is reminiscent of the action painting, or gestural abstraction, of the mid-20th century. But one of the collection’s distinctive element is Caretti’s unique and unusual choice of tools: syringes. The paint is first drawn into the syringe, and afterwards, skillfully expelled to form the envisaged lines, swirls, dots, blotches, or patterns. Caretti spent 4 years on creating his inaugural collection, with an unusual tool: syringes. The collection is divided into 4 stanzas, namely “Communion”, “Taking Form”, “Coming Together” and “The Garden of Eden”.