31st Dec | Yojimbo’s Revolution into 2018

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Yojimbo’s Revolution into 2018
日期:12月31日  星期日
時間: 晚上10時 – 凌晨時分
地點: Yojimbo

特别嘉賓: Fab D. Verse, Will Power and Miles Slater

Yojimbo presents REVOLUTION – from the shores of Japan to the end of the night! It will not be televised, it will not be civilised, but revolutions seldom are! 
Lose yourself in an immersive digital experience in the glitchy lights and sounds laid out on the night. Dance amidst the digital glow of the GRID with luminescent dancers and holographic geishas.
Sexy underground deep house, futuristic urban remixes by: Fab D. Verse, Will Power & Miles Slater

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