Horoscopes [July 2014]

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If you were born in the year of the rat, this month will be upsetting and irritating! Especially if you were born in the months of April, May and June, nothing will run smoothly for you.  This means that if you are a party animal, you should expect to run into trouble.  Here are tips on how to enhance your luck, beware of anything red (shirt, lipstick, shoes) and party in Causeway Bay for a good time, and like the Chinese would say, “Patience is key!”



If you are the ox, then this month for you is great but potentially a health hazard, meaning you are going to party until you drop, and possibly get really sick at the end of July!  But even though it’s definitely a perfectly good party month other then health issues, you also will easily lose your personal items such as your phone or wallet.  Actually in the Chinese tradition, this has blocked something bad coming your way.  For a better night you should party after 10pm, and best to choose places in Wan Chai.



For the folks born in the tiger year, this July will be a stable one, but it is actually best for you to keep a low profile this month or else prepare to have some altercation with strangers when you are out trying to have some fun.  Having a small short trip is a very good idea for your luck in relationships, somewhere like Macau would be perfect! And it’s time to try partying somewhere else, and try new things. If you are normally into gweilo, then I suggest trying another kind of man will bring you all kinds of surprises.



This is a total gossip month for the rabbits. Gossip, gossip and gossip everywhere! You normally aren’t a drama queen, so being in all this drama actually is putting you in a really bad mood and could easily burst into a fit of rage with someone you love and care about. To minimize all that, please wear black.  Especially for the ladies and the LGBT community, beware of a bad month of dramatic relationship tangles, like the old Chinese saying “when you chase two rabbits, you end up losing both!”



This is not exactly a good month for meeting someone compatible, especially if you are trying to impress some girl in a club, it won’t be totally successful. So it’s best to take a little break from your regular hangouts, and try some new ones you’ve never tried before or any newly opened places. This action will bring you better luck overall, if you are normally a Hong Kong Island person, try partying in Tsim Sha Tsui and vice versa! Also hang out more with friends born in the year of the rooster , they are totally good luck for you.



This is going to be a fantastic month for you snake people, but be careful when you are having too much fun, it might cause some unnecessary jealousy with someone close to you.  It could be your better half or even a best friend.  It is best for you to wear more metal items such as silver or gold jewellery, and stay on the North side of Central!  Especially for those who are born in the first half of the year, be careful that someone close to you might stab you right in the back, and ruin all the fun you plan to have.



This month is absolutely awesome for you and your relationship luck is just off the charts. You will get to meet many new people, and many potentially great chances for a good old fashioned fun night out! If you want to lock down this amazing month to make sure you meet these people, make sure you stay in the north side of town, or go out anytime the clock hits midnight.  And also put some metal accessories into your outfits, earrings, necklaces, purses , etc, this will enhance your luck overall!



This is going to be just a lovely month for the sheep people, you will find yourself surrounded by loving and compassionate people while you try to party all night long. To enhance all this good energy you must wear some colorful items such as red, yellow, and orange, be out by 11 pm, and party more in Lan Kwai Fong with your best buddies! This way you will find yourself meeting more awesome people that actually can potentially become your life long friends, helping you with many things along your life path .



This is not a bad month for you, there will be good opportunities especially if you want to meet someone new (great relationship luck), but do be careful that when the opportunity comes up, you don’t say the wrong thing. Stay alert and think before you speak, or you will just look like an ignorant jerk! Like Confucius says “ ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and stars“. Plus, wear some purple items, this can help minimize your bad luck and chances of running into bad situations.



You know the term, if you play with fire, you’re going to get burned?  Well that’s exactly what’s going to go down this month, Something fiery is about to happen this month, especially if you already have a significant other. It is easy for you to get into a love triangle, changing your relationship status from dating to complicated, so remember to behave and avoid temptations (if you can), because chances are it will be ugly. Wear white/yellow for a better luck!



It is going to be a very good month for you, so keep doing what you’ve always been doing! But if you run into some issues you can’t solve, remember that it is best to do what you are best at, keep things simple, and find the balance of all things, and you will find yourself climbing to the right direction. Wear colors like blue, black and white – this will help you with your luck. You must avoid the numbers, 2, 3 & 5, because these are your unluckiest numbers this month, meaning they can ruin your luck!



For the piggies, this is a very interesting month for you, it’s best for you to go out after 12am, which is your luckiest time. You will run into an old friend that you haven’t seen in years! And when you find yourself not knowing what to say, remember that they say “ silence is golden” – sometimes saying less will make a better impression. Your lucky number is 4, so remember to keep your eyes open, because anything in this number would bring you really good luck, giving you the best night out!