N*ICE Pops – Pop(sicle) Art

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If you thought ice lollies were just for kids, wait till you try the  boozy beauties from N*ICE POPS.

Scorching heat has been plaguing this city for weeks now, but if you’re in the know, you might have seen or heard of BOOM’s favourite summer thirst quenchers – N*ICE POPS! All locally hand-made here in Hong Kong, these ice lollies have been life-savers at outdoor events all over town, including HKWalls and the upcoming Secret Island Party. Made from all-natural ingredients, with no artificial flavours or preservatives, they’re clearly the healthier way to cool down in the heat. Oh, and they have a premium range of delicious booze-filled ice lollies too – we can’t think of any better way to drink this summer.

The flavours are inspired by Mexican paletas, cocktails as well as healthy juice blends. So the yogic can opt for Rosemary Watermelon Lemonade (made with Meyer lemon juice) or the slight chilli burn of the Guava Picante con Limon (that gets its kick from ground cayenne). But our personal favourites were the Gosling’s Rum Caramel Burnt Pineapple (oven-charred pineapples, vegan caramel and big slug of rum) and the cachaça-infused Watermelon Caipirinha. Of course, their menu is constantly evolving and depends on what’s available in season.

If you can’t get over to the Secret Island Party, check out their Instagram and Facebook feeds to see where they’re available. Most excitingly, for all the surfers out in Big Wave Bay, N*ICE POPS are now available at Ho Lok Store. Check them out – you really won’t regret it!