On The Streets [July 2014]

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[Photography by Juan-Carlos Aquino]

Angela Kan
Occupation: TV Presenter/Writer
I’m wearing American Apparel, H&M, Pacsafe,
DIY/ Shenzhen jewelry finds
Favourite band: Grimes
Favourite night spot: Tai Ping Shan St.


Oli BM
Occupation: The “Translator” at Made In Paradise
Baseball Tee – American Apparel
Hat – Feedminds
Shorts – Made In Paradise
Shoes – Our Legacy
Sunglasses – Kris Van Assche
Favourite band: Johnny Cash
Favourite night spot: Fly


Occupation: Model
All no brands, All black.
Favourite band: I don’t know!
Favourite night spot:
I don’t know, I just moved here.


Camilo Bustamante
Occupation: Photographer
Pants - Dr Denim
Shoes – Nike x Gyakusou
T-shirt – Our Legacy
Shirt – Phillip Lim
Favourite band : Guerre
Favourite night spot: Lily & Bloom